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Now serving fusion style sushi dishes!

Tuna Miso

Fresh Tuna encrusted in a special wasabi mixture, then seared in olive oil. 
Sliced and plated on top of fresh spring mix which has been drizzled with
a 20 year old balsamic vinegar. Tuna is then drizzled with a miso aioli and topped
with pan fried colorful bell peppers and drizzled with White Truffle Oil and
topped with wilted green onions.
An original!

Godai Trio
Tuna Miso, Crab Tomato Salad, and Tuna Asparagus Wrap.
Gorgeously planted with radish and fresh spring mix.
Extraordinary Vegetable Roll
Fresh asparagus and bell pepper sauteed in olive oil, married together with crab,
avocado, shrimp, and fresh salmon wrapped in soy paper and cucumber. Topped with
a creamy basil vinaigrette and special blend of garlic and mayonnaise.
Crab Tomato Salad
Fresh tomato and mixed crab then mixed together with a creamy basil vinaigrette
hinted with White Truffle Oil and fresh cracked pepper. All stuffed into a half of a
fresh tomato and served in a unique presentation!
Tuna Asparagus Wraps
Tender stalks of fresh asparagus wrapped in a fresh tuna and seared lightly and drizzled
with a unique infused blend of basil, olive oil, creamy sauce, and fresh cracked pepper.
Presented on fresh radish.
Lobster and Scallop Tower
Pan seared sea scallops, fresh crab salad, sweet lobster tail presented with fried sweet
potato slices and slivers. Topped with Extra Virgin Oil hinted with White Truffle Oil.
Sashimi Tapas
Fresh Tuna, Yellow-tail, and Salmon each mixed with a different infused sauce, green
onions, and fresh lemon zest. Each served in its own tower. Served on top of fresh
radish and spring mix.
Escolar Tataki
Escolar encrusted in fresh ground pepper and then seared, sliced and then drizzled with
a creamy spicy sesame sauce and lemon zest. Presented on top of fresh spring mix.
Seared Tuna Appetizer
Tuna sashimi seared and placed on a bed of radish. Drizzled with a creamy garlic sauce,
seven spices, and capers.
Godai Pokki
Chunks of tuna mixed with an array of soy sauce, sesame oil, green onion, and diced

                 Crab Tomato Salad                                       Lobster Scallop Tower